Rare books

Rare booksRare books for sale. This site aims to bring you closer to the very best and most exciting rare books for sale right now in as little time as possible. We are featuring a wide range of authors and adding more constantly. Not only do we feature British authors, we also showcase other famous authors from all around the world. Rare book collecting is a very popular hobby. Many rare books have sold and are regularly selling for thousands of pounds. Book collectors look for various characteristics for example, whether or not a book is a genuine first edition book and whether or not it has it's original dust jacket. Just jackets were produced to protect the bound book from getting damaged. Because dust jackets could be printed with any design required, they were made to be eye catching and as appealing as possible because book bindings have traditionally been very plain and boring. However, unfortunately, the very nature of a dust jacket, being printed on paper, and the fact that it was loosely folded around a potentially thick and heavy book, meant that many dust jackets became tattered and torn even if they were relatively well looked after. The simple task of taking a book on and off a shelf and opening, reading and closing the book could be enough to cause damage to the just jacket. In many cases, once they became frayed or torn, they were simply discarded. Nowadays, rare book collectors seek out original first editions which have as near as perfect dust jackets as possible, making the book as near to mint as is possible.

Look after your rare books

Books can be easily damaged by all of the elements and also suffer if left in bright sunlight. This means that it can be hard to find near perfect copies of many books, even those that were printed in reasonable numbers. A book can be common in poor condition, but rare in pristine condition so look after your books!

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